Susan Rios

Serene settings, gentle harmonies, soft, inviting rooms, lush, floral gardens, quiet seas that evoke tranquility – artist Susan Rios’ distinctive style is evident in every image she paints.  We are drawn in by the love and peace depicted in each painting, uplifted both visually and emotionally.  It is as if Susan has personally invited us into her private places, allowing us to linger there, partaking of the scene.
“There are stories in most of my paintings, and often, the piece will speak of what is going on in my own inner world.  I add elements to complete the memory of the dream or the moment.  People often say that there is something that feels familiar when they see my work.  I think what they may be responding to is the emotion a painting will evoke and there is a familiarity about that.  We all share so many of the same feelings.”
Susan resides in Southern California, amidst rooms very reminiscent of the images she paints.  Many aspects of Susan’s world are subjects in her paintings, including her daughter, Olivia and granddaughter, Rose, her dog, Annie, as well as her furniture, collectibles, pillows, and ever-present bouquets of flowers from her year-round gardens.